Ma’am, the Family Bonding between my husband and my family has improved. I see butterflies hovering around me all the time. Literally, it’s so so beautiful. Like there are hardly any days when I don’t see them. This used rarely happen previously. It is a sweet reminder that I am being watched, protected and loved. I feel extremely special and these days the moment I see a butterfly, my instant reaction is ‘I LOVE YOU TOO’ as if the butterfly has come to say ‘I Love You’ to me. I know it’s coming from my parents and from my grandfather. I thank you for all this. it would never have happened without you ma’am. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much. Today is the last day of PitruPaksh, two little yellow butterflies met me the moment I stepped out of my building and then every five minutes I saw them and other butterflies. They accompanied me all the way to my office and I couldn’t stop smiling and felt so, so secure!! Please excuse me for writing such long posts. But, I really feel like telling you how wonderful everything is!! Thanks a ton. Forever Grateful to you ❣ Lots and lots of love to you

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