Too many, the life of a merchant naval officer may seem glamorous. But in reality, we are out here in the lonely seas all by ourselves and relying on the prayers and best wishes of family and friends.
Being a Captain, life can a get a lot more stressful considering the growing responsibilities and the fear of being lost in the competition to be the best.
However this time around, things have been way better than I thought. Not once in the last 29 days have I been negative. I have learnt to be a lot more grateful, a lot more understanding and could literally feel the new Elton being evolved.
Prayers are important… Irrespective of your faith, it is important that we all pray. Having people pray for you is a blessing. I can see feel the change… I love the change.
Zubin & Meherpoonam you both are my angels who made me aware of my strengths and the power of prayer. Thank you.
Lots of Love,

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