My Distant healing which I had with Zubin & Meher Poonam yesterday. As soon as we started with the healing session it was like getting closer to BABA.? As I shut my eyes I started to feel baba around me pressing my head I could feel something very heavy on my head as though somebody was pressing my head. And taking out the pain from my head . My breath was also very heavy when I was breathing in and out . Breathing in was far more difficult and breathing out gave me peace . As I was breathing in and out I started to see an old lady ? in my thoughts who came and gave me and my child a lot of blessings . She was an old lady with a hunch and wearing a brown saree . Then I see baba in my thoughts as he comes and takes that lady away . And then baba is sitting somewhere where I go and ask for forgiveness and tell him to bless my family and my child . Baba lifts me up and says don’t worry my child I will. I will have patience . You all will be a happy family! ✌And as I got up I felt peace releaved relax and more happy ? with my child. Jai Meher Baba !!

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