It was love that drew Meher Baba’s early disciples to him and it was for the sake of love that they remained with him. Today it is still love that draws those who seek him. This is as he would have it; for Meher Baba’s only message has always been of Divine love. His is a message given not in words but through an awakening of the heart.

The story of this extraordinary man is thus a story of love. For while there are many who speak of Divine love, Meher Baba lived it. His live was a life of such love, purity and service that it will stand for all time as the divinely human example of life as it should be lived. To those who have witnessed the simple beauty of his ways, he is the Ancient One: the One who comes age after age to reveal the love of God in the world.

Meher Baba was born Merwan Sheriar Irani on February 25, 1894, in Poona, India. His parents were Persian, and his father, Sheriar Irani, was known as a true seeker of God. Though Merwan was much loved and respected as a youth, there is little about his early life that indicates his spiritual destiny. He attended a Christian high school and then Deccan College, both in Pune. At age 19 the veil was shattered and Merwan came to realize who he was. The unveiling began one day   in January of 1913 when Merwan while cycling home from college, encountered an ancient Muslim woman known as Hazrat Babajan. She was reputed to be Perfect Master, one who had achieved God-realization. From the moment of His first contact with Babajan, Merwan’s life changed completely. He began to know his true identity as being one with God. Merwan was then led to contact four other Perfect Masters, each of whom played a significant role in the process of unveiling. One of these Masters, Upasni Maharaj, worked with Merwan over a period of seven years. Finally in 1921, Upasni folded his hands before Merwan saying, “You are the Avatar, I salute you.” Merwan began his work as the Avatar of the Age.

I want every lover of Mine to repeat My name with every breath. The repetition should be continuous and such that even in sound sleep it should continue like your breathing. Then there is some possibility of experiencing a glimpse of Me

Everyone is God; but some are unconscious of their divinity, some are partly-conscious of their divinity, and a few are fully God-conscious

-Meher Baba

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