It is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of memory disturbance. Practitioners believe that unresolved issues from alleged past lives may be the cause of their patients’ problems.

Suggestions are used to promote recall in the patients, using a series of questions designed to elicit statements and memories about the past life’s history and identity. It’s a path for personal growth and healing. Bridging techniques are also used, from a client’s current-life problem to bring “past-life stories” to conscious awareness.

Past life regression can help you:
•  See personal relationships in a new light
•  Energize talents and abilities from the past
•  Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
•  Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems
•  Experience the transitional states of death and beyond
•  Understand and align with life purpose

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