Have you ever felt that you are different to most people or felt that you are extremely sensitive to earth’s energies? Do you feel that you have inherent knowledge and wisdom that many other people do not seem to understand?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you are an EARTH ANGEL and you’re not alone! You are amongst the many LIGHTWORKERS who have come to this planet to help people, animals, and all beings on earth live a happier, healthier existence.

A REALM READING will identify which Earth Angel Realm you belong to, based on the teachings of Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel Realms book and course by the same name. You will find out if you are an Incarnated Angel, Fairy, Wise One, Star Person, Atlantean, Cherub, Mer Person, or one of the many other fascinating realms! By identifying your realm, you will discover helpful information about your life purpose, relationships, communication style, unique gifts and talents, and much more. A Realm Reading can also be combined with Angel Card Reading to provide further insight and guidance to help you on your life path.

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