Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai. Thanks to our Dear Zubin Mistry & Meher Poonam for holding the 5th healing session on relationships. Let me tell all that I have never been very progressive in relationships be it my family or friends, It was awesome to see my innermost issues getting aligned when I was receiving the energy during the session. My ways of thinking and capabilities to action seem to improve. Also, I wish my relationship with people that live through the cells of my mind and body, get fixed with the grace of Meher Baba and channelized energy from Mr.Zubin and Ms. Meher Poonam, who has brought about an acceptance of acknowledging and understanding my own mistakes first. I went through an internal question-answer session during the healing. The root cause in most cases was being misunderstood irrespective of other person being Right or Wrong. I got a glimpse of how I should be more receptive to understanding the frequency/ energy level of other people. I need to get at tuning into the frequency of the whole world around one day. I shall not be judgemental from my past impressions anymore. Thank you Zubin & Meher Poonam

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