After completing my 1 personal session and day 3 of distant healing, I would like to say that I’m getting a very constant thing in terms of my own behavior. Maybe the changes are so subtle or deep that I can’t observe them much on the physical level. But more than these sessions, I would like to Thank you for keeping faith in me and yourself that shift will happen. I like your attitude of being positive and not getting perturbed even if I’m not able to see visible changes. You are the one who’s constantly pushing me to stand back on my feet energetically. May be I have lost faith in myself but you are making sure that you provide as much support as possible. Had it not been your push I would have gone more negative. At least with your presence, I feel I have stopped from falling further. With you, I feel that I have someone who will always pray for my highest good. You are my constant support these days. I pray that we are always connected. One message which I was getting while typing is ‘Observe till Day 7’. I’m not sure what it means. Its been so many years in this field, I have not seen any healer/therapist as concerned and involved as you.

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