Jai Meher Baba♥♥♥🌈🌈🌈Thanks to all in the group.and also those reading …Thanks to Mr ZUBIN Mistry & Meherpoonam Mehera,🤗🤗🤗 I honestly don’t know how I would be feeling if I hadn’t discovered Zubin and Meherpoonam… I am so very grateful for the healing power of Meher Baba and the channelised prayers …..
  I am enjoying the wonderful Independence in health, happiness,Professional life today……Thank you….I am especially grateful for the healing I am blessed with each Day,every week. I’m learning so much.
     I have and still am releasing all fear misconception and pre conceived ideas from the Day I have started healingsessions.
 Their Science is divine, Meher Babas Love is omnipotent. The healing can overcome anything over a period & unclasp and destroy all ideas that people around were ever convinced about me for instance” I am Not Good For A Particular Job or So.”, Take your worries to Baba
 AND always be GRATEFUL for this wonderful healing and intuitions in life..Jai Meher baba🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌈🌈🌈         ..  🙏🏻🙏🏻  thanks Zubin and Meherpoonam♥♥♥♥        

Jayshree Gunnel

Jai Meher Baba
I would like to thank Maa (Mehar Poonam ) for her guidance. I met Maa through my close friend. It was when I was completely lost. I was wondering like a lost child. I didn’t knew whom to tell my feelings. She came in my life like an angel🧚‍♀. After my first healing session I felt alive once again. After all the doer was there who showed me the path. I really feel that when you go and talk to Meher Baba⭐🌈, we release everything . Just leave our worries to Meher Baba 🧚‍♀and you feel the answer within you.
I give my gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻to Baba and Maa and my dear friend with out whom I would be still lost.🧚‍♀🧚‍♀💕💕
Jai Meher Baba 😇😇💕🌈⭐

Baba’s Lotus Feet

*Gratitude Testimony on BABA’s lotus feet * ♥??

“Healing from within is the only and only way to ultimate happiness ”

I reaffirm this with gratitude towards my angel healers ❤Meherpoonam and Zubin❤

These two gifted souls work only and only for your highest good with pure intention and unconditional love


Their sound healing sessions are so powerful, it clears away all blockages in our cellular system in no given time , you are automatically aligned with the universal mind and that is all required to find your own wisdom, your own self

I cannot believe how I have changed in just 3 years!(I know for a fact that these changes would have taken maybe lifetimes if I had to do it alone )

Today I am blissful, extremely happy and I know I have Meher baba’s divinity in me that has been ignited and guided by these 2 beautiful angels ❤?

Thank you for teaching me to live life from my heart ❤?

Love you guys??

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai❤??❤


Dhuni day session

Dhuni Day Session testimony for a New 1st time client

I truly appreciate your time n hospitality last night .
I am taking and taken Meher Baba with Me.
Hope to carry until eternity.
I was supposed to connect with Meher Baba 4 years ago but didn’t because of my resistance and ignorance.

Now I will connect with him on a minute basis.
Thank you for being a great medium and genuine energy to connect me with the Divine .

God bless you both a wonderful long prosperous fortunate and successful journey ahead.
Just Be the way you both are.
Thank you and Love to Milo❤
I didn’t connect with him.
I guess I m on a guilt trip.
I wasn’t there for my Rambo when he died.
Since then I am avoiding touching or connecting pets.
At times I don’t even know how to react.
There was a time where I used to work for animal welfare.
Today I am on my own selfish trip to earn money n my own niche in this world.
Also the message was for me to connect to it.
To let go
And to let someone forgive n move on in life.
Thank you so much both Meherpoonam & Zubin for Awakening My Soul to Meher Babas Divine Love ❤???In Gratitude ?


Manifesting Healing Session

My dearest Meherpoonam & Zubin My day since yesterday & continuously till now has been very pious , and a very blessed Day.. Seemed as though I am moving in an asharam so much so that I could smell sandalwood at night before sleeping. My day is full of hopes and I am manifesting success each moment am trying not to argue with my wife as well … I am Good with my boss as though we are chatting in flowery garden. I started business with a new client TODAY AND HOPE I. START WITH OTHERS THIS WEEK. I HAVE KEPT ONLY BABA IN MY HEART AND I PRAY THAT MY GOALS ARE ACHIEVED

Ruzbeh Mehta, Dubai

Musical Healing

Zubin and MeherPoonam I am so grateful to both of you for your amazing healing distant and personal !
Zubin’s musical healing get my energy field into the right energy frequencies. I can feel everything is in harmony.
MeherPoonam’s powerful touch healing is so loving and nurturing. Her energy is filled with soothing love. Last session she did touch healing on my Ajna and Solar Plexus which felt so relaxed so light so healed so energised. The congestion just vanished.
All the consolidated healing is reflecting in my day to day life on my physical and spiritual plane. Most prominently I feel peaceful such that I don’t react to other people’s seeming hurting conduct the way I used to earlier. Which is extremely to do unless divinity is flowing to make you do so.
Gratitude and blessings to these Earth Angels for being there with so much giving energy and unconditional love to share. All both of them want is love and only love.

Pallavi Chaudhary

Self protection

My very valuable realisation post my session:

Ever since my healing have started with Meherpoonam and Zubin, I have evolve in such a beautiful way as a Human being and real fast( on your own would not have been possible in this lifetime?)
But at the same time with evolvement all the dirt started coming out from all aspects of my life to clean up… All the dirt is out in the open from this life and many other lifetimes I guess
My healing has given me the power to clean up with love and gratitude but in the cleaning up process sometimes we absorb negative energy unknowingly,
In the last 2 to 3 weeks I absorb negative vibrations as well?

This sessions I realised that SELF PROTECTION IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT or else we can block our own blessings in many ways

I will make sure that I shield and protect myself so I can reap the benefits of tremendous MEHER BABA love that is just pouring into my life right now? Jai baba?

  1. Thank you Meherpoonam ??
    Thank you Zubin??
    To bring me back on Track

Love you both❤??


Distant healing

With lots and lots of gratitute and abundance of love, i thank you MeherPoonam for the amazing distant healing, i doubted in miracles and took aback in life with lot of hardships and challenges in my life, but how these poison turned into medicine is certainly a miracle. My relationship karma has being slowly resolved and im super happy to see and feel the positive chnges. All the toxic situation and hurdles that made me give up has been chnged and are changing for the eternal good. I cant express how things have just turned out, how the imposible became possible.
I wish and put my eternal faith in the upcoming situations to be as positive as now.
My utmost love to Meher Baba for guiding me❤

Riyanka chaudhary

Journey of my existence

My journey started with Poonam 4 years back when I was thinking I don’t need to exist in this world. The time I met her and entire session she heard me patiently the energy block and the negative thoughts turn in to positive thoughts. Again in 2019 I am meeting Poonam and Zubin. It such a wonderful experience. Meeting them only positive energy starts flowing. Sound healing by Zubin is mind-blowing it takes me to tht world of belief and self love. Meher Baba’s Blessings. I can feel his hands on me and he is taking care of everyone who is coming to him. My heart is connected to all of you. I am so thankful for sound healing.???. Gratitude. Meher Baba ki Jai??

Shikha gupta

Shamanic Sound Healing session

I had got a Shamanic Sound Healing session done with Zubin.
I must say it was a profound experience especially during  the part of drumming I could feel my soul dance at the sound of the beats during the session.
This session took me to the place of tranquillity and profound inner peace that it took me quite a few minutes to get out of it even after the session was over. IT was such a beautiful experience.
Deep gratitude

Neha, reiki master

The victory over black magic

When I reached for my second personal healing session, both Zubin and Meher Poonam told me that they are getting two messages from Baba, first I am victim of black magic, and second I have fear in my DNA, which I have inherited from my Ancestors, and they will work on these two aspects today.
Once the session started, the first thing which happened was, I started seeing scary and disfigured faces, something like ghosts. Then I saw Baba and my Sadguru took me to various Temples for a quick pilgrimage and healing. I even saw the faces of people who were targeting me. I was saying words like get out, leave now, I forgive you etc. I was in trance but as per Zubin it was not my voice but BABA himself was commanding the entities to leave. Post this in the second half Zubin started playing drums, which had wonderful effects on my heart chakra, it started expanding. It expanded at least thrice of its current size, and I literally saw visual of Lord Hanuman tearing his chest open to give Darshan of Lord Ram and Devi Sita. This was I guess a signal from BABA, as to the similar effort has been put in by him to open my heart chakra. Wow, what an experience. Now my third and final experience happened during my night sleep post session, which involved healing of fear from my DNA. I had a vivid dream involving my Dad and other ancestor’s, but cannot recall any details. But I am feeling so light and so relieved. Wow, thanks BABA,
Zubin and Meher Poonam.
Love and Light always.

Kshitij Sharma
Healer & Artist, Pune

The job offer

When I found Poonam and Zubin, I was extremely sad, confused and even mildly depressed. After the first session with them, it is almost as if the universe opened itself for me. My husband got a job offer from an interview he had given 3 months ago. This was his dream job! And he got it just like that. The next few days were going to be full of ups and downs for me. So great highs and some low lows. But 2 distant healing sessions and I feel I’m in a much much better place today – physically, emotionally and spiritually. A long way to go but I can feel all the difference. Dreams are getting realised – I can just feel it in my bones.

I can feel the presence of God in my life and isn’t that the most beautiful thing one can experience!

Thank you Poonam and Zubin. See you soon!


Distance Healing

I am through the day 2 distance healing by Meherpoonam and Zubin and I must say today I am feeling so much lighter and have more clarity of mind. Since I grapple a lot with random negative thoughts which used to constantly drain my energies but today it seems different it feels like I am in charge of my mind and allowing only positivity to flow through me, there is no fear, there is no worry and I am extremely grateful to these 2 kind souls for the gift they are giving out to everyone who comes their way. Gratitude ♥♥♥

Neha Sharma
Office Superintendent Western Railway

Career Growth

Jai Meher Baba to all my friends and family even those whom I am still to meet??☀❤.Almost 10 sessions full of bliss, positivity, love, sweetness, beauty and career growth. Along with two hands of support, so far still so near???? dearest Meher Poonam and Mr. Zubin have the art of helping through healing energy. It’s a science, a process.⭐⭐??. My session for the manifestation of my career growth was excellent, there are certain blockages which are an unseen hindrance in different phases of life, which we can clear through healing. I have the hope and confidence to move ahead in life with awareness. I keep feeling there are quite a lot of opportunities waiting and this has only happened after getting in touch with❤❤ Meher Poonam and Zubin. Thanks for channelizing the process with Meher Baba. 

Ruzbeh Mehta, Dubai

Heal from within

Caught up with an old friend who had a troublesome marriage which eventually resulted in a divorce. What surprised me is that even after 6 years of separation, he was still hurting from within. which made absolutely no sense to me. Am sure there are many people out there going through similar situations in their lives & even though many of us forgive and never forget. we should realize that :
A lot of people who are good at forgiving others, don’t seem to know how to forgive themselves. Understand that for you to be you, You may have to disappoint others. Which is fine.
Replacing, “Why is this happening to me?” with “What is this trying to tell me?” has been a game changer for many. We just need to understand – to let go. we need to heal ourselves from within. Be at peace from within. Most importantly we need to love ourselves and learn to pray for the people who have hurt us. Forgive them & most importantly move on.

Many of us don’t like discussing our problems. Because we fear to lose our image amongst our loved ones. So we wait and wait and once the damages are drastic we run around in fear and all we get is sympathy from people…. never any help.
Consider yourself blessed if you have even one person whom you can call and talk about your personal troubles. Such people are rare & hard to find.

I Request all couples who plan on getting married. Couples who are experiencing difficulty finding their love for each other. Come experience Spiritual Healing & Guidance. An experience you will never forget.

Elton Fernandes

Dealing with insecurities

Jai Meher Baba????❤ A very Big Thanks to our Dearest Meher Poonam and Mr Zubin for the 8th session. They have dealt with innermost insecurities of my mind regarding finances and career. While healing there was a pull on the crown chakra?? night. I could breathe as I was making a journey in Love and light. Next Day my boss called me for a brief meeting regarding my Plans and strategies. My Boss very gently spoke to me about my personal life and ups and downs of my career. This is quite unlikely to happen in many years I have been with him. Over the passing Day, I became completely indifferent to my problems and kept a very normal mood throughout my problems. Some results have started to begin with a positive note. There is immense Hope and Patience flowing in my cells. I shall remain thankful for this to Zubin and Meher Poonam always. Jai Meher Baba❤???

Ruzbeh Mehta, Dubai

Energy in chakra

The moment I entered the house I started feeling energy working in my crown chakra. Before session when I was lying on the bed, I felt as if energy has engulfed me surrounded me from all sides, as if trying to protect me. When the session started I could feel kundalini rising and passing thru my chakra’s, my throat chakra was opening, my breath got really slow and very deep. On my own, I started chanting OM. Post-session I didn’t want to come out. Since I have left your house, I have been continuously chanting my guru’s name and finally, have found the peace. I am so at peace was stuck in Mumbai Pune jam for four hours but it didn’t affect me I was in my own space in my own universe. I want this to last forever.

Kshitij Sharma
Cooperate Trainer

Connecting to Almighty

Jai Baba. Well for me I was not going through any anger and pain and neither I had some negativity in my mind for which I came. I just came to connect with my almighty and definitely, I could feel myself that I am on the right path. I learned that to connect with God I should overcome these hindrances like stop being too sensitive, to let things go not to hold grudges and just think about God. I really pray that I m able to achieve my aim. Again thanks to both of you for awakening and guiding me.??????

Deepika Dutta
Homemaker, Ahmednagar

Understanding the frequency/energy level of other people

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai. Thank you Mr. Zubin Mistry n Ms. Meher Poonam Mehera for holding this healing session for us in Meherabad. It was an awesome experience to see people coming out with their innermost issues n also issues going back right into their childhood experiences which they themselves were unaware of and which were currently affecting their life. You brought about good healing for them n acceptance of acknowledging those issues n working with you n the group to get rid of them forever. I was wondering what did I learn? Mr. Zubin beautifully explained my doubts n now after returning home n introspecting I realized that I got a glimpse of how I should be more receptive to understanding the frequency/ energy level of other people. Also, that I can be a healer by learning more modalities so that I can help others. I saw unconditional love in the eyes of Mr. Zubin, Ms. Meher Poonam n Ms. Hovavi. I need to get there too and not get judgemental. Thank you all for bringing this all to the fore n hope with Baba’s blessings we walk the path together. Thank you, noble souls. ?❤?


Soul awakening workshop

Jai Baba. I am very grateful to Zubin and Meher Poonam for the wonderful session today. I feel it will be a life changing experience for me as am already feeling it. You both conducted the workshop beautifully touching everyone’s soul and helping us in our journey the Baba way-awakening our souls. Really looking forward to being with you again. Thank you again lots of love

Kulgauravi Singh
Homemaker, Ahmednagar

Quest for awakening soul

Hi Meher Poonam and Zubin. This is Manujendra. Really an enriching experience with the both of u today in the quest for awakening the soul and God-consciousness which are the stepping stones of the spiritual world. Hope it is just the beginning of a new journey and the discoveries and realizations will continue. Jai Baba


Shamanic healing

Thank you Mr. Zubin & Ms. MeherPoonam for helping me in my search for a Guru, a guiding light that which was lacking in my life or that which I was not awakened to. Today’s session brought me close to Baba and have given me Faith, Belief and Hope in HIS love. the Shamanic healing sent me in a trance. Truly the first experience of this kind. I felt the connection I’ve been wanting to have with the Divine. Thank you for awakening me to Baba’s love. I surrender myself to Him in totality from today.i know he’ll take good care of me and my loved ones. Eternally indebted to you both for helping me receive His love and blessings. Baba is, Baba was and Baba shall always be the ONE. ?Jai Baba

Ritu Singh
School Principal, Ahmednagar

You are my constant support these days

After completing my 1 personal session and day 3 of distant healing, I would like to say that I’m getting a very constant thing in terms of my own behavior. Maybe the changes are so subtle or deep that I can’t observe them much on the physical level. But more than these sessions, I would like to Thank you for keeping faith in me and yourself that shift will happen. I like your attitude of being positive and not getting perturbed even if I’m not able to see visible changes. You are the one who’s constantly pushing me to stand back on my feet energetically. May be I have lost faith in myself but you are making sure that you provide as much support as possible. Had it not been your push I would have gone more negative. At least with your presence, I feel I have stopped from falling further. With you, I feel that I have someone who will always pray for my highest good. You are my constant support these days. I pray that we are always connected. One message which I was getting while typing is ‘Observe till Day 7’. I’m not sure what it means. Its been so many years in this field, I have not seen any healer/therapist as concerned and involved as you.


Spiritual Love sessions

It is interesting how people feel the need to rush through life as a way to prove maturity. People will rush into relationships, love, sex, marriage, education, careers, etc just to show that they are grown. As a person who has grown and is still growing, I find myself understanding that there is maturity in saying ‘I’m not ready.’ There is also maturity in saying ‘I want to wait.’ And there is maturity in saying ‘let me take some time to prepare.’ Being in tune with where I am and making decisions based on my own needs and not the pressure to prove that I’m grown, that I have it all figured out, that in perfect is important to me. I move at my own pace. I move at the speed that works for me. I move in a way that doesn’t cause me to be impatient with myself. I have learned to be still, or wait, or take as much time as I need. In life, we need to understand that by rushing into things. Life will only get a lot more complicated. 8 sessions of spiritual love taught me that Happiness is a very personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone.
Life has its own fundas. Keep things simple & you will be happy

Elton Fernandes

PitruPaksh Prayers

Ma’am, the Family Bonding between my husband and my family has improved. I see butterflies hovering around me all the time. Literally, it’s so so beautiful. Like there are hardly any days when I don’t see them. This used rarely happen previously. It is a sweet reminder that I am being watched, protected and loved. I feel extremely special and these days the moment I see a butterfly, my instant reaction is ‘I LOVE YOU TOO’ as if the butterfly has come to say ‘I Love You’ to me. I know it’s coming from my parents and from my grandfather. I thank you for all this. it would never have happened without you ma’am. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much. Today is the last day of PitruPaksh, two little yellow butterflies met me the moment I stepped out of my building and then every five minutes I saw them and other butterflies. They accompanied me all the way to my office and I couldn’t stop smiling and felt so, so secure!! Please excuse me for writing such long posts. But, I really feel like telling you how wonderful everything is!! Thanks a ton. Forever Grateful to you ❣ Lots and lots of love to you


Healing session on relationships

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai. Thanks to our Dear Zubin Mistry & Meher Poonam for holding the 5th healing session on relationships. Let me tell all that I have never been very progressive in relationships be it my family or friends, It was awesome to see my innermost issues getting aligned when I was receiving the energy during the session. My ways of thinking and capabilities to action seem to improve. Also, I wish my relationship with people that live through the cells of my mind and body, get fixed with the grace of Meher Baba and channelized energy from Mr.Zubin and Ms. Meher Poonam, who has brought about an acceptance of acknowledging and understanding my own mistakes first. I went through an internal question-answer session during the healing. The root cause in most cases was being misunderstood irrespective of other person being Right or Wrong. I got a glimpse of how I should be more receptive to understanding the frequency/ energy level of other people. I need to get at tuning into the frequency of the whole world around one day. I shall not be judgemental from my past impressions anymore. Thank you Zubin & Meher Poonam

Ruzbeh Mehta, Dubai

Healing Session

I was very sad and depressed over few months. I lost my dad recently and I was going through lot of pain. I took a healing session. It worked out well for me. My negative energy was released. During the session, my father’s soul was released. I felt calm and peaceful. We prayed for my dad ‘s soul to reach light. I started feeling better. I am feeling calm and peaceful. I started focusing on my life more. Thank you mam for the healing


Distant Healing Day 2

I am still having a hangover on what happened to me this morning. I was chanting and within 5 mins I felt tremendous love pressure in my heart and non-stop tears just kept flowing. It was not in my control, I have felt emotional before when I meditate but this was Different. There was a strong commanding message from my body telling to relax and let these tears flow as she was cleaning up and she wanted me to be aware of this process… I was floating in the ocean of gratitude and realize that being thankful actually has many levels. And this is just day 2?I was weeping and sobbing like a 5-year-old child and smiling at the same time ?It’s noon and what I experience during my chant has left a sweet residue that leaves me feeling simply ecstatic!?Also, I had an answer to the question. What’s in me that brings Zubin and Meher in my space?
Well, I was ready to receive healing and universe just links you with the right people to move forward. So they showed up when I was ready. So Thank you both of you to enter my life at the right time

Deepika Majoo

Distant Healing – Beautiful experience

My Distant healing which I had with Zubin & Meher Poonam yesterday. As soon as we started with the healing session it was like getting closer to BABA.? As I shut my eyes I started to feel baba around me pressing my head I could feel something very heavy on my head as though somebody was pressing my head. And taking out the pain from my head . My breath was also very heavy when I was breathing in and out . Breathing in was far more difficult and breathing out gave me peace . As I was breathing in and out I started to see an old lady ? in my thoughts who came and gave me and my child a lot of blessings . She was an old lady with a hunch and wearing a brown saree . Then I see baba in my thoughts as he comes and takes that lady away . And then baba is sitting somewhere where I go and ask for forgiveness and tell him to bless my family and my child . Baba lifts me up and says don’t worry my child I will. I will have patience . You all will be a happy family! ✌And as I got up I felt peace releaved relax and more happy ? with my child. Jai Meher Baba !!

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